Wordless Wednesday: Well, Good Morning to You, Too!

Wordless Wednesday: Well, Good Morning to You, Too!

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Normally, my dog sleeps on my bed under the quilt or in her tent with blankets piled on top of her.  But, it’s been hot.  Even my chilly at all times pup was warm at night.

On warm nights, she prefers her bed in the living room.  That means I have to have the tent and the bed in the room since she’s fickle and I’m not dragging the tent in at 2 am.

One morning I woke up and looked over the side of the bed and this is what I saw looking back at me.  She was just waiting for me to move.

dog looking out from dog bed
My dog was waiting for me in the morning

Where is your pet’s favorite place to sleep?  Is your dog or cat a bed hoarder like mine?


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7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Well, Good Morning to You, Too!

  1. I like fluffy beds but sleep with my pawrents. Otherwise, I have a dog bed in the den , in the office and one in each car. A chihuahua can never have enough beds.

    1. I’m not going to let Misha read this. She has two beds already. Well, 3 if you count my pillow. She’ll be demanding a bed in every room. She’s not a chihuahua though, so maybe she shouldn’t have so many beds.

  2. The two pugs sleep in bed with me and they are definite bed hogs, despite their small size! They usually have to be touching me which leaves me trapped, which is problematic since I move around a lot in my sleep. Molly sleeps on a Kuranda bed or the floor (she’s weird).

    1. I understand the bed hogs! I woke up this morning, rolled over, and their was an small blob in the middle of the bed. Funny how they sneak right in.

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