Wordless Wednesday: Tribute to My Dogs for National Dog Day

Wordless Wednesday: Tribute to My Dogs for National Dog Day

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My dogs in honor of National Dog Day
Happy National Dog Day to all!

In honor of National Dog Day, this Wordless Wednesday is about all the dog’s in my family. This one won’t be quite so wordless as I’ll like to tell you a little bit about each dog. They were all so different and left their paw prints on our hearts.

Our first dog was Bubbles.  She was a Cocker Spaniel Poodle Mix with curly fur.  We got her when I was 4 years old.  She was the sweetest dog and somehow tolerated 5 kids despite suffering from seizures.

Family dog in clothes
Our dog, Bubbles, tolerated so much from us kids

Our second dog was Shoshaunee, a purebred Collie. Shaunee, as we called her, was a prima donna who couldn’t go outside if it was raining. Her funniest thing was she was not allowed on the couch, so she would back up and put her rear end on it with her back leg folded under and her other 3 legs on the ground.

Our second dog was a collie
Our second dog was a collie

The first dog that I could say was mine was Sierra, a Lab/Golden Mix.  She was given to my mom but quickly became my dog.  She was a handful for the first two years bordering on aggression.  With a lot of work, she came around and was one of the best family dogs I’ve ever known.

Sierra loved everyone and was gentle with kids.  She was a people dog.  She was a horrible thief though. She stole money out of purses, loaves of bread from counters, and once ate the breakfast of one of the woman who worked at the veterinarians office.

She ended up with cancer in her back leg at the age of 10 1/2.  She lived 3 more years as an amputee. She was my little ambassador.  She attracted people everywhere we went.  Her last month of life she needed a wheel chair. Thanks to the Handicapped Pets Foundation it was donated to us for free.

Dog in wheel chair donated by Handicapped Pets Foundation
My dog needed a wheel chair her last month of life

Last, we have Misha, who I lovingly call my Midget Dog. She is a Jack Russell Terrier, a gift from my nieces after Sierra passed away.    5 years ago when my Dad died and we had to move, she turned into the worst kind of dog, distrustful, afraid, and protective.

It’s been a long process (one I’ve detail on this blog), but my Midget Dog has come around.  She has learned to trust, learned to take pleasure in a neck massage, and learned that people aren’t so bad after all.  She is still afraid of more things than my previous dogs combined, but we deal with these eccentricities as they spring up and laugh about those that are here to stay.

I’m not sure many would have stuck with her with her aggression issues and fearful moments.  She is a symbol of that spirit to adapt, adjust, and start anew that dogs seem so adept at.  She’s a much different dog at 6 than she was at 2.  Once you earn her trust, she is loyal and loving.

One of my favorite photos of my dog.
One of my favorite photos of my dog.

All our family dogs were different and unique.  They had their own personalities, quirks, and lovable traits.  I would not want it any other way.


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