Wordless Wednesday: Too Tired, Time to Get Cozy

Wordless Wednesday: Too Tired, Time to Get Cozy

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Does my dog look tired?

I took Misha to my sister’s for Super Bowl festivities.

Tired dog under blanket
I’m so tired!

She knows when she gets there that Summit’s dog treat balls will have treats in them. She spent the first quarter rolling the big ball around. She has one of her own, but it’s special at Summit’s house!

Very tired dog in blanket
Oh, you want to lay on this bed?

Then, she found a new ball. This one was tricky. She’s never had a treat ball beat her before. So, she played with it and played with it. She got some dinner and she played with it some more.

She didn’t give up until half way through the 4th quarter.

She was exhausted when we got home. I almost had to carry her to bed.

She was exhausted on Monday, too!

Very tired dog on bed
Carry me to my potty spot, please

She never did get the treat out of the Rogz Gumz Treat Ball, which is a first. I may just have to buy one of these for our house.  I could use an exhausted Jack Russell every now and then.

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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Too Tired, Time to Get Cozy

    1. DailyPip, Misha has four different dog treat balls and she can work through them in less than 5 minutes. This one really had her stumped.

    1. Brando and Bogart, She was still tired Monday, so I guess it was a success (for us!). It can be difficult to tire out some dogs, can’t it?

    1. You know it, Flea! I have bought her several over the years. She starts out stumped. Before I know it she’s learned to twist off the top or she finds a corner to hit it against to make the treats come out. Those Jack Russell’s are good puzzle solvers.

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