Wordless Wednesday: Misha Snuggles in Bed

Wordless Wednesday: Misha Snuggles in Bed


Back to the blanket breaks…Misha being a Jack Russell Terrier can find a comfy spot pretty much anywhere there is a blanket.

My dog likes sleeping inside the quilt
I’m awfully comfy, do you mind?

Most of the time she lays next to me. I then throw part of the quilt over her head. That’s exactly what she wants.

Happy Jack Russell nestled in blankets
Oh, do you want to use the bed?


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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Misha Snuggles in Bed

    1. Elaine, yeah, I’m sure I could find a spot somewhere at the end of the bed. You’d be surprised how much room a 7 lb. dog needs. LOL

    1. Christina, We thinks so too :D. In fact, I am pretty sure Misha is well aware how adorable she is–and she uses it against us. LOL

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