Wordless Wednesday: Misha Needs Her Neck Massaged

Wordless Wednesday: Misha Needs Her Neck Massaged

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Sometimes it is difficult to get things done with a Jack Russell Terrier around.  I was minding my own business trying to read an e-book when this dog pops into my view.

Jack Russell Terrier gets very close
Whatcha reading?

When she turns her head like this, it only means one thing. My dog needs a neck message.

My dog needs her neck massaged now
Massage my neck!

Okay, this is better. We’re no longer at a nose length. She still needs that massage and she isn’t letting me forget it. The Nook goes up on the shelf because my services are needed!


My dog really wants a massage
Now do this side!

What is your dog’s favorite place to be massaged?  As you can tell, Misha’s is her neck.  She’s pretty clear about what she wants too.


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6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Misha Needs Her Neck Massaged

    1. Jeanne, There is something universal about the comfort of a massage. My Lab was different, though. The neck wasn’t her spot. She love her ears to be kneaded and gently pulled.

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