Wordless Wednesday: Early Morning Dog Walk

Wordless Wednesday: Early Morning Dog Walk

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After many weeks of rain, Mother Nature played a trick on us with unseasonably warm weather.  If you’ve spend any amount of time with a Jack Russell Terrier, you know that daily walks are important.

Misha and I needed to get out and walk early before the sun started beating down.  At 9 am, it was already difficult to find shade.

The morning sunshine was inviting and we got time to smell the roses.  Well, one of us stuck her nose in a bush…and it wasn’t me!

dog enjoying spring day
Misha isn’t too thrilled with the flowers


dog smelling bush
I have to stick my nose in to get the news


dog with rubber duck marking
I wanted to show you my rubber ducky spots. Can you see it?


dog walking
I’m ready to head back.  It’s too hot!

I hope you enjoyed Misha’s walk around the neighborhood.

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2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Early Morning Dog Walk

    1. It sure is! We’ve been able to take walks, but it’s been rainy and windy off and on for weeks. We dart in and out. It has been nice the last couple of days to just take a nice stroll.

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