Who Replaced My Dog With Miss Mary Sunshine?

Who Replaced My Dog With Miss Mary Sunshine?

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Misha and I have a morning routine. Because of my arthritis, I like to take my first potty stop, then go back for a few minutes to get all the joints operating in the right direction. Misha adapted quite nicely to this routine for the first 6 years of her life. She would wait under her blankets (or mine) until I got up to get dressed.

This is little dog face is what I wake up to every morning
This little dog face is what I wake up to every morning

Not anymore. For several weeks, I’ve been greeted by my little early riser who is ready to greet the day the minute the alarm goes off. Nothing like being woken up by a Jack Russell Terrier standing on your stomach before you’ve had a chance to empty your bladder.

I have a feeling it’s the Incurin. Nothing else has changed in the last three weeks. The only thing I can think of is since it’s working so well and she isn’t having accidents at night, she is waking up with a really full bladder…a bladder that demands to be relieved right now!

Frankly, it’s thrown off my schedule a bit. I’m not a morning person and I’m a slow riser. It’s like having a toddler in the house ready to play at the crack of dawn. The only good thing is my toddler goes back to bed after breakfast to her tent.  I’m left half awake with foggy brain.

I shouldn’t complain.  We had a similar situation several months ago.  Only she was up in the early hours having panic attacks from Proin.  This is much more tolerable!

I’m just going to have to adjust. I’d much rather wake up to Miss Misha Sunshine than to a puddle that has to be cleaned.

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4 thoughts on “Who Replaced My Dog With Miss Mary Sunshine?

  1. I hope you are able to get back on schedule with your dog. My pup rascal sleeps with me. If he thinks I sleep to long he will make sure to wake me. he is my alarm clock.

    1. Sandy, Thanks for stopping by! I try to see it as positive since she was really not herself on the previous medication. Now she can’t wait to get out of bed. I think it will be me that does the adapting. LOL

    1. Jeanne, Being cute makes up for a lot of things. LOL This morning she jumped off the bed about an hour early, so I pretended to be asleep thinking she might go back to bed. All of a sudden she is back on the bed hitting me in the back. Then, she stands over the top of me so her legs are on both sides and she’s just stuck there on my side. Always entertaining!

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