What’s with the water bowl?

What’s with the water bowl?

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As you know, I’m dog sitting my sister’s dog.  I’ve taken care of her many times over the years.  Misha has spent days and weeks with her without any problems.

About two months ago, I took care of Summit over a long day.  After she left, I found Misha laying by the water bowl.  I didn’t know what was going on.  I took my shower and she was still there.  The bowl had water, but I rinsed it out and refilled it.  Misha ran over and drank as if she hadn’t had water in days.  Well, it appears she hadn’t had any since Summit drank out of her bowl around noon.

A month later, same thing.  Summit stayed for a day and Misha went the whole time without drinking water.  She would walk up to the bowl, sniff, stare, then walk away.

I really don’t know what has caused this behavior.  She has had the same problem this week but a little different.  She will drink out of either water bowl (Summit brings her larger bowl with her) as long as they are at least half full.  Once it gets to about two thirds of the way down, she refuses to have any.

Today, I caught her standing over the bowl.  She was staring into it as if hypnotized.  Once I refilled it, she gulped greedily.

What could the problem be?  Summit is on the same medications, eating the same food, and doing the same things the same way since she has known Misha.  Is there a smell Misha detects that makes the water seem different?  I have no clue.  All I know is I have to check to make sure the bowls stay above half way.  Otherwise, she won’t drink all day.

I thought my dog was done developing quirks.  Evidently not!


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