What It is Like Wrapping Presents with My Dog

What It is Like Wrapping Presents with My Dog

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As you know,Misha is an incredible curious dog. She just can’t help but get herself in the middle of everything. That makes wrapping presents a challenge.

Santa’s Helper in the House!

This is what it is trying to wrap presents with my dog.  It is like having a 4 year old around.

dog sniffing gift boxes
My dog inspects the gifts

Misha makes sure the wrapping supplies are in order.  Don’t want any birthday paper going on Christmas presents, now do we?

dog investigates wrapping paper
Misha inspects the wrapping paper and bags

She’s always got your back.

dog hiding behind person
“Do you think Grandma knows I am back here?”

She has made three unsuccessful attempts to get her present out of a bag.  She is giving me that look, but it’s not working.

dog sitting for attention
Misha pleads for her present

Does your dog like to help out too? Does your dog have to be in the middle of the action like Misha?

dog leaves room
Finally bored wrapping presents

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10 thoughts on “What It is Like Wrapping Presents with My Dog

    1. It’s funny because Misha is afraid of many things including the roll of mailing tape, but she isn’t afraid of scotch tape. She was, however, scared off when I pulled the tape off the shipping box.

  1. Oh gosh that’s precious and I 110% relate. Button, my rat terrier, is the exact same way. Always wanting to know what’s going on. I jokingly call her Inspector Button.

    1. Terriers must be born with an extra curiosity gene. I’ve never owned a dog as nosey as Misha. She just as to be in the middle of everything. Sounds like Inspector Button is the same way!

    1. She does try to help. Now if I could just train her to put a paw on the paper and hold it down while I get the tape, she could be my assistant.

    1. Misha is not discerning. LOL She does have her alert system on in case food enters the area. But, she likes sticking her head in any bag that comes in the house.

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