Warm Doggy Blankets

Warm Doggy Blankets

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I’ve mentioned before how curious my Jack Russell is. She was already mad at me because I washed her blankets.  The minute I them on the couch she just couldn’t resist.  She had to jump up to check them out.

Who put my blankets on the couch?

It wasn’t long before had her head buried underneath.

These smell different!

I left the room to put one away.  When I came back someone had made herself quite comfortable on top of the pile. Even though I took away another blanket, this dog wouldn’t budge.

These blankets are toasty

Finally, all I left her with was her pawprints blanket.  When I came back to get it, she was doing her best to convince me she was asleep.  Crafty, very crafty.

Misha is pretending to sleep

Can your pet resist warm blankets straight out of the dryer?

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6 thoughts on “Warm Doggy Blankets

    1. Debi, That’s how my previous dog, Sierra, was. She loved her sunbeam and she followed it all over the house. If I was vacuuming, I’d have to go around her because she would not budge.

  1. Paw waves hello Miss Mel & Misha. Misha is cute on her paw blankie! My Basset minion sometimes makes a nest in the clean clothes after Mom removes them from the dryer & before she gets them folded! Tee hee hee.

    1. That’s pretty cute, Valentine! Misha did that to me once when I left a bunch of sweatshirts and hoodies on the bed. I looked over and all I could see was an eye peeking out from under a sleeve.

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