Walking the Dog During El Nino

Walking the Dog During El Nino

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El Nino is here and it is bringing us a ton of rain. That’s great for California, for our water supply, and cleaning the air. Not so great for getting in daily dog walks.

How do you give your dog enough exercise during the storms brought by El Nino without ending up soaking wet every day?

My dog gets a walk in when the rain parts
My dog gets a walk when the rain takes a break

I have been fortunate thus far. Most of the worst storms have been overnight. Most days we wait until there is a break. Then, I get my jacket, grab the dog leash, and we’re off. All I need is 15 minutes so that Misha has enough time to sniff bushes and burn off a little energy.

It’s not the best for a dog walk.  I longer one would be better, but we take what we can get.  I’m a responsible dog owner, but I’m not going out in the wind and rain so she can smell bushes!    Also, I have arthritis in my feet.  I try not to press my luck on slippery sidewalks.

15 minutes is the minimum dog walking time to keep Misha from driving the family crazy. Anything less and she turns into stalker dog.  Have you ever been stalked by a 7 lb. Jack Russell Terrier?

If all else fails and we can’t get outside, I turn to inside activities.  We walk indoors, play fetch, do a little dog training, and play games like hide and seek.  Anything to burn off that Jack Russell energy.

How are you and your dog weathering El Nino? If you live where there are real winters with snow and freezing temperatures, how do you keep your dog occupied when the weather is frightful?  Share your tips in the comments.  I’d love to see how you and your dog make use of your indoor time.


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