Three Weeks off Hormones for My Dog

Three Weeks off Hormones for My Dog

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Misha went for her first vet visit after being on DES (hormones) a month.  It’s recommended that blood work be done periodically to ward off any potential health problems.  DES can cause certain cancers and anemia, as well as other problems.

So, it was another sedate, trap, and hood moment.  I think I’m getting better at this because she barely struggled.  I’ve found relaxing music playing low in the background helps relax her.

Sedated dog ready for the vets
My fearful dog needs a sedative before her vet visits.

When the result came back, there was a problem.  Her white blood cell count was low.  This was unexpected and not a known side effect of DES.

It was recommended that I take her off DES for two week, then retest.  We would have to put up with her urine leakage during that time.  She did pretty good until half way through the second week.  Drip, drop, drip, drop…you get the idea.

She went in last Thursday and the results came back the next day.  Her white blood cell count was back to normal.  It appears DES is the culprit.

The veterinarian decided the best thing would be to take her off DES and try something else.  Next, she’ll be on Icurin.  This will be the third medication since December.  Proin turned out to be a nightmare with it’s psychological issues.  DES is messing with her white blood cell count.  Let’s hope the third time is the charm and Incurin will do the trick without the side effects.


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