This could only happen to us

This could only happen to us

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It always seems the oddest things happen in this household.  Misha is excited about food…every time she eats.  She does what I call “Jump for Joy” (which she does on command, too).  When she knows it’s time to eat, she runs to the food bin, then she jumps straight up in the air about 4 feet high.  She does it repeatedly.  That’s how happy she is.

This morning it was the usual routine.  I went to open the bin.  Misha ran into the room and did her first leap.  Then, she did another only she was to close to me.  She hit me in the leg and slid down.  One of her paws landed in the cuff of my pants.  A claw got caught, broke off, and flung across the room.

Misha didn’t even know it happened.  She was still jumping.

When I asked to see her paw, she did the obligatory “I’m so hurt” look and handed me the wrong one.  The claw (on the other paw) broke off cleanly.  Thankfully, it didn’t break down too far.  There was no blood.

Misha went about the business of eating her breakfast.  And, still has no clue she lost half her claw this morning.


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