The Yearly Veterinary Visit

The Yearly Veterinary Visit

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Last Friday, Misha had to go for her annual vet visit or as I like to call it “inflict a Jack Russell upon veterinary staff day”.  Misha is terrible at the vets.  She screams…like a baby.  She growls and bites.  It’s awful.

She wasn’t always like this way.  When I got her, she was a little skittish, so I worked at making the vet visits pleasant.  I wanted her to have a good relationship with the veterinary staff.  She had multiple visits for shots, spaying, etc. her first year.  Everything went well.  Then, she had an allergic reaction to a spider bite and  I had to take her to the emergency vets.  It was traumatic for her and she never forgot.

With acepromazine and the hood of shame in hand, I prepared Misha for her visit.  She fell asleep on the drive over.  Sedative working.

Dog sedated for veterinary visit

She was fairly relaxed in the waiting area.  When we got into the room, she shivered in my arms.  As usual, I had to give jer special care instructions to everyone who came into the room.

This was one of our better appointments.  She let the tech take her temperature.  Personally, if I was going to bite someone it would be at this point!

We had a different veterinarian this time.  Dr. Morris is very nice, but Dr.  Beck knows Misha’s quirks a bit more.  I could feel  Misha’s heart pattering under my hand as I held her.  She tolerated the stethoscope but would not let Dr. Morris look at her teeth.  She clung to my shoulder like a parrot.

Next, she had to have blood drawn.  Then, she had one vaccination due.  There was also an annual fecal and urine test.  On top of that, I dreamed they would be able to clip her nails.

The tech returned about 3 minutes after taking Misha into the back room.  She had a muzzle in her hand.  She wanted me to put it on. HA!  Slim chance of that!   I am only so brave.

I told her how they do it and she went back to give it a try.  Usually, they throw a towel over her hood and that gives them enough protection to do their work.  Misha is what the vet terms “least restraint”.   The muzzle freaks her out.  But, the hood and towel work fine.

Less than 10 minutes later, the tech returned.  I feared the worse.  I have heard it before.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that she got her shot, they took blood, and did the fecal.  The only thing they couldn’t do was the urine test and that was because she peed before she got there.  She even had her nails trimmed!

All I can say is “Way To Go, VCA Lewelling!”.  It takes special people with a whole lot of patience to be able to deal with a fearful dog even one so small.  I know that each good visit she has makes it easier the next time.


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    1. Thank you for your comments, Linda! My previous dog, Sierra, loved the vets. She got excited about her visits. I think she thought they were there to entertain her. LOL

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