The Rescue Dog Who Stole Our Hearts

The Rescue Dog Who Stole Our Hearts

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The Stray Yorkie Who Stole Our Hearts

It started with a phone call. Our elderly neighbor saw a stray dog wandering on our street and she needed help catching it. I went outside to see if I could help. Naturally, I am a sucker for this type of thing.

A lost Yorkie that stole our hearts
The little lost Yorkie

What I saw was a scraggly, hairy Yorkie. He looked as if he might have been wandering around for days. His fur was matted and covering his eyes. He needed someone to save him.

When I called out to him, he ran as fast as he could on his little Yorkie legs towards me. He followed me right into the yard. He was clearly someone’s pet.

In the yard, he acted as if he we were his family and this was his home. He was so trusting! Unfortunately, Misha is a one dog family. She tolerates the other dogs in the family, but is quite protective with strange dogs. We knew we could not keep our little doggie friend. I had to see if anyone was searching for him.

The Shelter was the Best Place for this Dog

I called the veterinary office to see if anyone was searching for a Yorkie. Then, I called the animal shelter. There were no lost Yorkies posted. The worker assured me that someone would be looking for a Yorkie. Though I hated to do it, I arranged for a pickup. I knew the shelter was the best place for him. If his family was looking for him, they would check there. If he was microchipped, they’d be able to return him to his owners. If not, someone would surely fall in love with this little guy and take him home.

I put out signs with information on where he could be found just in case. I took photos and posted them on the local pet lost and found group on Facebook. Then, we waited for animal control to come.

It was hard handing him over. But, we did it. In just a couple of hours, he worked his way into our hearts. If Misha had been a different dog, we’d have two dogs right now.

Ready for Adoption

For the next couple of weeks I could not stop thinking about him. I have a relative with contacts at the shelter who made a phone call. We were relieved to find that there was a Yorkie rescue group that worked with this shelter and would take him if no one else did.

About 3 weeks later, his photo appeared on the website with the name Norman. He was cleaned up and ready for adoption. A handsome dog, don’t you think?

The lost Yorkie, cleaned up and ready for adoption.
Norman, the lost Yorkie (Source: Alameda County Animal Shelter website)

No one had come to claim him. I suspect because of his scraggly appearance and the absence of a collar that he was dumped–not lost.  We could only hope someone would adopt him who really loved him.

A Happy Ending to the Yorkie’s Story

A couple of days later his photo was removed. We found out that Norman had found his forever home. I’m not sure what we’d have done if he wasn’t adopted. Relatives were already checking with friends just in case.

It felt good to know that Norman would have the love he was so ready to give. His story has a happy ending. We can all work to bring happy endings to the other animals in our shelters simply by getting their stories out.


2 thoughts on “The Rescue Dog Who Stole Our Hearts

    1. Barbara, I always feel like I have to help these stray animals. It makes me angry that people get dogs and then don’t care for them. I am glad he found a new family.

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