The only reason Misha tolerates her cousin

The only reason Misha tolerates her cousin

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For the most part, Summit and Misha get along very well.  They do this through avoidance.  They don’t play together, they don’t lay together.  The only time they are around each other is when there is food nearby.

The only reason Misha wants Summit to come over is this…

evening flowers_20130928_1692DSCN2339

The AKC Squirrel…the large one.

This is Summit’s toy.  She brings it every time she visits.  It is Misha’s favorite.  She can’t help but attack it the minute it’s thrown on the floor.  She grabs it and runs all over the house with it as if it is a long lost friend.

Oh sure, she has her own squirrel.  But, her squirrel is the small squirrel and this is the big squirrel.  It’s just about as big as Misha.

When Summit goes home in the morning, I know one thing.  Misha will miss the squirrel more than she misses Summit.



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