The Blanket Dweller

The Blanket Dweller

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I have never owned a Terrier before. I had no idea how much they enjoy being under blankets…in the middle of a heatwave.

I learned that Jack Russells and other Terriers were bred to dig into the ground to get rodents. They could stay in their dirt cave quite awhile until their owners found them. I’m guessing Misha prefers her blanket over dirt 😉

Misha did not start out as a blanket dweller. But, around 3 months she was playing in her playpen (we kept her in one when we needed a sanity break). She was throwing toys around.

Then, she picked up the blanket and hid under it. She would pop her head out, run around, then go back under. It was a great game! I got this photo of her that day. See how she is peeking out?



It took a couple more days before she started to sleep under her blanket. From then on, she preferred sleeping under it rather than on top of it.

Sometimes she is hilarious when she is under her blanket. I’ll catch her stalking the family, one eye poking out to see if anyone is getting food.

I’ve taken many photos of my clown and her blanket. This will be a regular feature on this blog called “The Blanket Break”. Look for it if you need a chuckle!


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