So, you thing big dogs are more brave?

So, you thing big dogs are more brave?

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I’ve written about my little scaredy dog from time to time.  Misha acquires new fears on a regular basis.  It’s entertaining and frustrating.  Though Summit outweighs her by about 55 lbs she is just as much a chicken.

Today, the culprit was a ladder and the smoke alarm.  I’m not sure which she was more afraid of.  I was sitting at my computer desk and my Mom was climbing up the ladder.  She tried to lodge herself between my keyboard and my chair.

summit afraid_20130926_1623DSCN2270

As my Mom put the battery in and tested the alarm, Summit started to shake.  Then, she just gave this look.  She stayed like this until it was all over.

summit afraid_20130926_1627DSCN2274

It’s been about a half hour since the batteries were changed.  Summit will not look at my Mom.  No, she’s not on the ladder anymore 😉  She has found herself a corner of the spare room and is resting.  Summit can hold a grudge.  Hopefully, by the end of the day, they will be friends again.

For once, Misha didn’t even blink an eye!


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