She loves her sun spot, too

She loves her sun spot, too


We’ve got one room in the house where the sun shines through the windows enough to create a sun spot.  I remember how my Lab would follow the sun spot all across the floor.  Misha loves her sun spot too.

This morning the house was a bit chilly, which for Misha means anything under 70 degrees.  I hadn’t seen her for awhile and went out searching.  Can’t really lose a dog in the house, now can you?

I found her in the spare bedroom next do the desk.  This was the one place with the sun spot.


After a couple of minutes she decided to get comfortable.  She could use some sunglasses 😉


Finally, she got comfortable.  Notice that she found the one spot where the office mat does not reach.  She hates walking on the office mat.  The first time she stepped on it it was upside down and she got poked.  She never forgets.





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