She’s Baaack!

She’s Baaack!

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Misha and Summit

Summit has come over for another sleepover.  She’s feeling much better since she kicked a persistent e.coli infection.  For the first time in many visits, she ate her dinner–all of it–without a fuss the first day.

I took the above photo about a year ago when the two were together.  As you can see, Summit outweighs Misha by a good 55 lbs!  They do get along great even if they do spent most of the time staying out of each others way.

My sister reminded me the other day about when Summit first met Misha.  Misha was about 9 weeks old.  Summit was about 8 years old.  My sister brought Summit to my house so they could meet.  Summit was confused.  She couldn’t understand where her buddy, Sierra, was.  She didn’t like this miniature dog who kept jumping up in her face.

She decided that she would not look at this puppy and she would pretend that she did not exist.  She sat in the living room and faced the wall like a soldier.  She did this at every visit for almost 6 months.  Finally, she accepted that Misha wasn’t going anywhere and she ventured a look or two in her direction.  It wasn’t long after that they graduated to butt sniffing.  Now, they enjoy their comfortable co-existence, even if it mostly involves staying out of each other’s way.

I guess you can’t ask for much more with an older dog and younger dog.  I don’t have to worry about them fighting or hurting each other.  I only have to worry that sometimes Misha gets pushy with the food ball or Summit gets back at her by chasing her down the hall at full speed.

They’ll both be exhausted by tomorrow.


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