Sharing the bed with two dogs

Sharing the bed with two dogs

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Most nights Misha sleeps in her tent under all 3 of her blankets…in the middle of a heat wave…in the Summer.  Meanwhile, I’m running the ceiling fan and trying to find the cold spot on my pillow.  Some nights she joins me by sleeping inside the folded over quilt.  She usually leaves somewhere in the middle of the night.  Probably when I roll over on top of her.  I don’t think she cares for that.

This week I am dog sitting.  The dog, a German Shepherd mix, sleeps on my bed.  She’s slept over many times and I’ve tried different things including bringing her own bed over.  She will not settle down though.  Part of it is because of her anti-seizure medication.  It prevents seizures but it makes her walk around aimlessly at times.  I’m willing to compromise with her sleeping on the bed since it’s the only place she will settle down.

Naturally, Misha has decided she must sleep on the bed, too.  So far, they’ve figured out how to do this without getting in each other’s way.  Misha sleeps somewhere around my shoulders and Summit sleeps somewhere around my feet.

Having both of them on the bed has made me realize that sleeping with dogs is like sleeping with a toddler.  No matter how much room there is, they somehow figure out how invade your space.  Whenever I move, Misha inches a little closer to suck up my body heat.  And, I can’t stretch out my legs because no matter where Summit started she is always laying cross ways at an odd angle.

Luckily, I’m the type of person who can fall sleep on rocks.  There’s only 6 more nights to go…


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