Saying Goodbye to Summit: A Family Dog

Saying Goodbye to Summit: A Family Dog

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At some point, every pet owner must decide when it’s time to say goodbye.  My sister’s dog, Summit, became very ill a week or so ago.  She was diagnosed with acute kidney disease.  When her numbers came down, they brought her home.  They hoped she would recover, but she didn’t.  She never regained her appetite.

It was time to make that decision no pet owner wants to make.  They had the vet come to their house.  She died in her bed in their gazebo–her favorite spot.

She was 15 1/2 years old.  A long life for a German Shepherd mix who developed seizures at 7 or 8 years old and suffered from chronic UTIs.

dogs waiting for door
Misha and Summit waiting for something to happen

Summit was Misha’s best friend.  They had an unusual relationship.  For the first 6 months, Summit refused to acknowledge Misha’s presence.  Whenever they were together, she stared at the wall as if hoping she would go away.

Misha has never been good with other dogs, yet, she allowed Summit into her space.  She was terrible about stealing food from her larger friend.  Summit got back at her by not letting her in the door or chasing her down the hall.

Summit stayed with us many times when her parents went on vacation.  Though she was comfortable with us, she spent almost the whole time at the front door waiting for them to come home.

two dogs at front door
Misha and Summit hanging out

Each time Summit came to stay, they were excited to see each other.  Then, they ignored each as much as possible.  They’d sleep together on the bed, something that made me a bit wary.  But, we never had an incident.

big dog little dog sleeping on bed
Misha and Summit liked to sleep together on the bed

You might have guessed that this is MY bed.  Whenever Summit slept over, she would lay at the end of the bed.  I’d got the rest of the bed.  That is, the rest that I could stake claim to. Misha would squeeze herself in somewhere under my shoulder.  If I had been smart, I would have gone to the couch!

They were two peas in a pod.  Both easily scared by odd things (with Misha it’s the aluminum foil roll, Summit it was ladders) and they were both skittish.  Maybe this is why they were so comfortable with each other.

dog hiding in bathroom
Summit hides in the bathroom from a ladder

Rest in Peace, Summit.  You were a wonderful, goofy dog.  You brought our family so much joy.  We are the better because you came into our lives.

Small dog next to big dog
Misha shares the front door with Summit

We honor and remember our beloved pets in many ways.


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18 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Summit: A Family Dog

  1. It is never easy to have a beloved pet travel beyond the rainbow, may your beautiful Summit be forever at peace and may those left behind take joy in from the many wonderful memories of him.

    1. Debi, Thanks so much! It was a very hard decision for them. But, as you said, she is at peace. We wouldn’t want her to suffer.

  2. So sorry for the sadness you & your family are going through Miss Mel & Misha. Just know that the next rainbow you see will be a bit brighter & more beautiful as Summit smiles down upon you with love. Purrs.

    1. Valentine, That is a beautiful sentiment! Every pet leaves a little pawprint on our heart that carries all those memories.

    1. Thank you, Daily Pip! Misha has never been good with other dogs, but she and Summit had a special relationship even if they spent most of the time avoiding each other.

    1. Thank you Taryn! It’s so hard at first when we seek their presence, that shadow that always followed us around the house, and they are not there. Takes some time to heal.

  3. Such beautiful furbabies! Summit is gorgeous!!! It is really hard to make that decision and I am sorry to hear that your family had to go through that. We love our furbabies. They are family members and it is difficult to say goodbye. You and your sister (as well as her family) have my sympathy.

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