Queen of the Pillows

Queen of the Pillows

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It is the Wordless Wednesday and we’re joining in with the DogPaws Blog Hop.

My dog likes to lay on top of the pillows
My Jack Russell taking liberties with the pillows

I’ve pulled out these two photos of my dog for today’s Wordless Wednesday.  Misha is allowed on this bed, but she’s supposed to be, you know, the bed.  One day I walked in and there she was sitting on top of the pillow.

I love her look it says “What?  I’m not supposed to be up here?”

What do you think my dog's look is saying?
What do you think my dog’s look is saying?

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6 thoughts on “Queen of the Pillows

    1. Sharon, Thanks for you comments! Yes, it can be a little gross to have them up on your pillows. I keep the blankets pulled up over so at least if there is an accident I can clean it up easier. Is Bailey a small dog? It seems small dogs like to be perched up high.

  1. Awww! Riley is definitely guilty of this little trick as well – he waits until no one is paying attention, then sneaks up to the “human pillows”. Naughty dogs 🙂

    1. Chelsea, I see that Misha isn’t the only dog that likes to be on the human pillows. It’s almost difficult to scold them because they looks so funny up on top of them. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Chewy, That must be true! Though you’d think with two beds and a special tent, Misha would be happy. Grass is always greener up on top of the bed pillos. 😀 Thanks for you comment!

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