Oh, the things she is afraid of

Oh, the things she is afraid of

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I sometimes forget that Misha is afraid of so many things. Sudden, loud noises are one of things she is afraid of.

We were in the yard today. I had her on one of those extendable leashes because the grass has been hit with mushrooms the last couple days and I don’t fully trust her (she likes to pull things out of the grass).

The bottom part of gutter pipe had popped off and was on the lawn. So, while she was moseying along trying to find her spot, I pushed the pipe over with my foot. When it hit the cement, it made a scrapping noise. Misha panicked and bolted at full speed. The leash yanked my arm and the handle slipped from my hands. Misha freaked out and ran even further because the leash was chasing her.

I eventually got her to slow down so I could grab the leash. She let me unhook her, then went to do her business.

When we got back in the house, she had to tell Grandma all about the awful thing that happened to her outside.

Add gutter pipe to the list of things Misha is afraid of.


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