Oh, the indignities we dog owners suffer

Oh, the indignities we dog owners suffer

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I have this little plastic bag dispenser so I can pick up Misha’s dog poop on our walk.  I rarely have to use it and mostly carry it in case someone confronts me about stray dog poop that they find on their lawn (yes, it has happened).  I can whip out my dispenser and show them I am plenty ready for action.

Yesterday, on our walk, came the moment of truth.  First, Misha couldn’t decide where to go.  Then, it appears she ate a piece of thread, and…I won’t go into details…but she was having a bit of trouble.

So, there I am with my bag dispenser and I can’t tear the darn bag off!  I finally get one, but I ripped it in half.

I attempted to get a second bag and am thrilled when I succeed, only to notice I’ve put a hole in the bottom.  So, there’s Misha trying to do her business and I’m crouched down on the sidewalk trying to tie a knot in the bottom of the bag so I can take care of my end of the business.

Eventually, we got it together and I cleaned up the pile.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the homeowner was sitting at their front window wondering what the heck was going on in front of their house.  Laughing, I am sure.


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