Off the Medication

Off the Medication

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Jack Russell at Rest

I’m happy to say that after a couple of weeks off Proin we have our crazy Jack Russell Terrier back.  I feel bad because now I realize it was affecting Misha in several ways, but I didn’t catch on.  Poor thing must have wondered what the heck was going on in her body

A couple days after being off Proin, she was back to a normal sleeping pattern.  Thank Goodness!  I was really having a hard time functioning on 2-3 hours of sleep a night.  It took both of us a few days get over the fatigue.  She did a lot of sleeping that first week.  She was exhausted.

The second week, she regain her playfulness.  I had noticed in the summer that she stopped playing with her toys.  She really isn’t much of a toy dog.  Her idea of fetch is to chase a toy 3 times then make you go pick it up at the end of the hall.  But, she stopped playing with her squirrel stuffed animal.  I figured that since she was 5 that she wasn’t into toys anymore.  I was wrong!

Now she’s back to playing with her squirrel every day.  She is back to running up and down the hall 5 or more times for no apparent reason except for the fun of running.

She is back to demanding her walks.  She loves taking walks.  But, for awhile there I had to practically drag her out of bed to get her outside.  I realize now the Proin was making her anxious and listless.  Now, if I am not ready, she’s jumping up and down at the front door insistent on leaving NOW!

Finally, she’s back to wanting attention.  She was getting a little too feisty and growly those last few weeks.  I chalked it up to outside forces like the holidays and high winds.  Boy, has she changed!  She wants to her neck massages and she loves to give hugs.  She hadn’t given any hugs for months.  Now, it is several times a day.

She feels better and it shows.  I’m glad to have her back.


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