No One Told the Dogs About the Time Change

No One Told the Dogs About the Time Change

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So, it’s Sunday morning after we turned back the clocks an hour.  Daylights saving time is over.  Someone didn’t send the dogs a memo.   Dogs don’t care about our human manipulations of time.  They were ready to go at 7 am.  Their internal clocks said “Oh crap!  The human forgot to set the alarm.  Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!”

Time changes affect our dogs throwing off their schedule
Dogs don’t care about time changes (Source:

I said two dogs on purpose.  I’m taking care of my sister’s dog for a few days.

I had a plan last night.  I would keep the dogs up an hour later to make up the difference.  That way, when the time changed they would be on regular schedule.  It sounded good in my head anyway.

Both were sounds asleep when I woke them at 1am for their last potty break.  They got their bedtime treats and we turned in.

Dogs taking a nap before Halloween
The dogs sharing a restful evening

It was still somewhat dark when Summit stood up and pulled herself off the bed towards the door.  She is an old dog, she must go when nature calls.  I looked at the clock:  7 am.  Seriously dog?

Misha should have slept longer.  I gave her a sedative to get her through the Trick or Treat doorbell ringing.  However, she heard her dog cousin wake up and jumped out of her tent.  Her motivation was different.  She wanted food.

This will be a very long day.  My brain says I slept too late even though I woke up too early.  How are the dogs affected by the time change?  Misha is behind me sleeping on my chair and Summit is resting on the floor.  They don’t care that we’ve played with time.  Turning back the clocks means nothing to dogs.  The dogs are on their regular schedule. I can’t wait to see which one wants dinner at 4pm.


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