My Dog Knows About The Towel Rule

My Dog Knows About The Towel Rule

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Jack Russell Terriers learn rules quickly.  Misha knows that when she gets up on the living room furniture she must be on a lap or towel.  She has learned the rule so well sometimes she moves over quickly, sits down, and touches it with one paw.  Sort of like the freeze tag rule.

Here she is sitting in the privileged spot with her buddy, Summit, off to the side.  This is how it’s supposed to work.

misha towel 3

My dog seems to understand that the only way to be on the couch is with the towel.  Lately, I have found her parking her butt on the ottoman as she sees me come into the room.  Yep, her butt is on the towel.

Sometimes, she tries to have the best of both worlds.  Touch the human and the towel.

misha towel 1

One day, I was outside.  When I came in, I found Misha laying on the towel.  Technically, it’s not supposed to work this way.  There’s supposed to be a human around to give permission.

This look says “I’ll pretend I don’t see them and then they won’t be able to see me.”

misha towel 4

How well does your dog know the house rules?  Has he or she learned the stretch them like my dog?


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4 thoughts on “My Dog Knows About The Towel Rule

  1. The Amazing Randy knows the furniture rule: no dogs on the furniture, ever. He keeps trying to discipline Dash for breaking this rule, but Dash doesn’t listen.

    This is because Randy learned the rules from his previous owner. We gave up on the “no dogs on the furniture” when I got up late one night and saw our (previous) dog sleeping contentedly on the sofa. I figured it was a lost cause.

    1. Kari, Dash must cause Randy no end of trouble what with not obeying the rules. By the way, we used to have a Collie. She understood the no dogs on the furniture rule. However, she found her own compromise. She would back up to the couch and sit with one hind leg up on the couch (three paws on the ground). It was so human-like, it was hilarious…and, she got away with it, too.

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