My Dog Got New Tricky Treat Balls for Christmas!

My Dog Got New Tricky Treat Balls for Christmas!

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Misha and I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  No matter what you celebrate, did you give your pet a present?  I always have a package under the Christmas tree for Misha.

We needed a diversion while Grandma was making macaroni salad, so, Misha opened her gifts on Christmas Eve.

Don’t think that dogs don’t know about this whole present thing.  Misha visited the presents every day and went straight to hers.  It’s pretty amazing that she didn’t cheat.

Here she is getting started.

dog with presents asking for help
My dog wants help opening presents

When Misha was a couple of years old, I thought it would be cute to teach her to ask for help by sitting.  Yeah…well…she tried to employ the tactic to get me to open her presents for her.  Not gonna work!

She finally got down to it and opened the first one despite the fear of the paper rolling back and hitting her.  It’s Misha after all.

dog tries to get human to open her presents
She tried to get me to open them for her

Misha got two Omega Paws Tricky Treat balls for Christmas!  I tried to wrap them in a way that made it easier for her to open.  I removed the packaging and didn’t use tape.  Even still, this took 20 minutes or so.

tricky treat balls for dog
Fill my Tricky Treat Balls Mom!

Of course, once they were opened they had to be filled.  Misha quickly got to work.

dog playing with omega paw tricky treat ball
My dog loves treat dispensing toys

This is serious if you’re my dog!  Each ball has it’s own method.  I didn’t get a photo of her playing with the small one.  But, this is how she handles the large one.  She picks it up in her mouth and tosses it to the ground.

small dog large tricky treat ball
My 8 lb. dog picks up her large Tricky Treat ball in her mouth

Misha is Hercules!

There may be a video in our future.  It’s really funny to watch her carry the big ball around.

What did your pets get for Christmas?  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!


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