My Dog Before and After the 4th of July

My Dog Before and After the 4th of July

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Our neighborhood sounded like a war zone on the 4th of July which meant my dog was terrified.  I gave her acepromazine about an hour before everything started.

She sat with me on my chair for awhile.

Hey mom!  I’m feeling loopy!

misha sedatives featured
Misha on drugs

Even though the sedative was setting in it still took a while for her to settle down.  She had trouble finding her safe place.

I keep this spot under my computer desk set up especially for her.  Her large bunny toy is in the back.  The box gives her something to hide behind.  This is where she felt safe.  She slept there until well after midnight when I had to lure her out with treats.

A safe place from the fireworks
A safe place from the fireworks

The acepromazine had a lingering affect.  She was not quite with the program the next day.

At one point, she dragged her blanket across the room when she heard the sound of food being eaten.  When she went back, it was in the middle of the floor.  It was as good a place as any for a nap.

Let's take a nap here
Let’s take a nap here

Finally, my dog and the blanket made it back to their proper place.  Tomorrow will be a better day, Misha!

My dog sleeps off a sedative
My dog sleeps off a sedative




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14 thoughts on “My Dog Before and After the 4th of July

  1. I can understand. For me, I am OK with fireworks, but my crazed pain in the hind adopted brother Monkey -that’s another story. We have to put the music on pretty loud and some fans to muffle sounds. It gets pretty loud by me.

    1. Poor Monkey! He should have come over to hide under the desk with Misha. There’s a big comfy stuffed animal down there to cuddle with.

  2. I love fireworks. I sit out in the middle of the yard and watch them going off. Mom has to physically bring me back inside. Bailie, on the other paw, is terrified and cowers, shaking in the upstairs bathroom. How different we are.

    1. That makes three under the desk: Misha, Monkey, and Bailie. I used to have a brave dog like you. She slept through the fireworks. She couldn’t care less.

  3. I’m glad Misha did well over the Fourth. I’ve heard both good and bad things about Acepromazine, but I’ve never had to use it on any our dogs. I guess it just depends on the dog and every dog is different. I bet she’s really glad the holiday is over though.

    1. Elaine, I had a dog who was terrified of getting her nails clipped. I tried Acepromazine on her, but didn’t really like the effects because they would linger into the next day. The groomer preferred doing her without the sedative.

      With Misha, it is different. She goes into a state of terror when the fireworks go off. She runs around, jumps on things, gets in my lap, runs off again…all with this crazed look in her eyes. The Acepromazine helps her relax so she can get through the evening.

      You’re right, each dog is different. What is good for one, may not be for another.

  4. Awe, hopefully she is feeling better and awake by now. Our dog is not usually bothered by the fireworks, but this year they were especially loud and she was definitely anxious.

    1. Thanks! She is much more like herself today. Funny thing is even with sedatives she never missed a chance at people food. The sound of the pantry door penetrated her brain.

    1. That’s awesome that Jaxson did so well! Misha has always been afraid of noise. No matter how I’ve worked with her she still startles easily. She runs when she sees the aluminum foil box because she doesn’t like the sound the ripping foil makes. So, you can imagine what a firecracker or M80 does to her.

    1. Happy Birthday, Olivia! Doesn’t sound like you’re a big fan of fireworks. They can be unsettling especially when several people in a small area are lighting them off.

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