My Dog and I Participate in the Community Rock Hide and Seek

My Dog and I Participate in the Community Rock Hide and Seek

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I couple of weeks ago I found a rock sitting on a fence post a block from where I live.  It made my day.  It was hidden there by a neighbor participating in one of the many community rock hide and seeks taking part across America.

I wasn’t looking for rocks, one found me.  But, it brought me such pleasure, I decided to play along.  I can’t draw or paint, so I did what I do best.  I colored them with crayons.  Then, to give it a melted look, I heated them with a hair dryer.  I’m pretty pleased with the results, though if asked, I might point to a couple and say that a kid did them.  No one will ever know.

Here’s my masterpieces ready to be sealed…

colored rocks hidden in neighborhood
My rocks are ready to be glazed with white glue

The Inspector General had to have a good look at the rocks.  I’m surprised she didn’t try to eat one.

dog inspect colored rocks
My rocks pass the dog inspection test

This look seems to say “Why are you putting a plate in front of me that doesn’t have any food on it?”

dog is not sure of rocks
She looks a bit suspicious, doesn’t she?

We set out to find the best places to hide our rocks.  Misha thinks we should leave the backyard before we hide them.  I agree.

dog looks for best place to hide painted rocks
Misha stakes out the best spot for hiding rocks

It was such great fun hiding rocks!  We both got quite a bit of exercise and I can’t wait to see if my rocks show up on the Facebook community group.

Is your community hiding rocks, too?  If so, are you participating?

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10 thoughts on “My Dog and I Participate in the Community Rock Hide and Seek

  1. This is a fun idea! My daughter and I did rocks like this, only we heated the rocks in the oven first, then just touch the rock with the crayon and it melts in a tie-dye look. Misha looks like she is having fun too 🙂

    1. Debi, That sounds like a great idea, too! You can be really creative with crayons and make all sorts of neat patterns.

      We walked a little more than we normally do trying to find good hiding places. She was pretty tired when we got home. I call that a success!

    1. MK, We have a regular community page on Facebook where the initial announcement was made. Then, someone set up a group specifically for those who wanted to hide rocks. There is no coordination, but people will post pictures of the rocks they’ve painted and hints as to where they are hidden. People also post photos when they find them.

      It’s great fun for everyone!

  2. I love the photo of your dog looking reproachful because the rocks weren’t edible. Cute!

    Yes, we have a Facebook rock painting/hiding/hunting group for this area. I haven’t participated yet. Your posting is inspiring, though! Maybe I’ll try it.

    1. Linda, She doesn’t look like she trust me. LOL

      I didn’t think I’d have so much fun coloring the rocks and hiding them, but I am. I’m really eager to see if any show up on the community page.

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