Misha’s Summer Part One

Misha’s Summer Part One

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Well, it’s been a crazy past few months and Misha hasn’t gotten around to her blog since May.  It doesn’t help that she doesn’t have fingers.

So, let’s start with the first part of summer which went pretty well.  For the first time in 3 years, Misha was left alone for several hours…by herself.  Usually, I take her to family parties.  And, there is always someone home, so there hasn’t been a lot of opportunities.

Plus, she is the dog from hell when left alone.  She does what I call “Opera Singing”.  And, she is loud.

But, over the summer, there were two events I simple could not take her to:  A Bridal Shower and a wedding.  I fretted over this for many weeks.  I’d either have to find a sitter brave enough to stay with her or lock her up and hope for the best.

After too much thought, I contacted our veterinarian and came up with a solution:  sedative.  I hate giving them to her unless absolutely necessary.  But, I knew I could not trust her alone.

The first event went well.  We locked her behind the child gate in my bedroom.  She was frantic when we left.  But, when we came home the house was quiet.  She was still  dopey.  No accidents.  She ate then went back to bed once she got over greeting us.

The second event was a longer day.  I really felt bad not giving her a place to potty.  We didn’t get home until 11:30 that night.  I didn’t have to worry.  She didn’t have any accidents and she was relaxed when we returned.

I’m glad it went well.  I expected messes and destruction.  In turned out well for all of us.



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