Misha survived the Vets

Misha survived the Vets

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Last week Misha had to go for her annual exam and vaccinations.  I was not looking forward to it.  She’s terrible at the Vets.

It wasn’t always like that.  When she was a pup, she took to it easily.  Though nervous, she allowed them to handle her with ease.  Then, one night we had to take her to the emergency animal hospital.  It was noisy and rushed (that had several emergencies).  She screamed from the back room.   They weren’t mishandling her.  She was just terrified.  It was a nightmare.

From then on in, going to the vets became an ordeal.  Over the last year, the vet has recommended using a sedative before visits.  For Misha, not me (though that might not be a bad idea).  As Misha refuses to be muzzled, I must put the hood of shame on her for everyone’s protection.

Getting the hood on is challenging.  Usually, I have to wait an hour after she takes the pill, then try to sneak it on her.  It usually takes 3 or 4 attempts.  This time, it seems that the sedative worked more quickly.  I gave it to her, took her for a second walk, then let her rest on my lap.  Within 30 minutes of taking the pill, she was asleep on my lap.  15 minutes later I attempted to put on the hood and got it in the first try.  Patience really is the key.

With the hardest part (for me) done, it was time to go.  She was very calm in the car.  And, though alert in the waiting room, she didn’t seem as riled up as usual.

The technician was able to do the butt temperature thing while I held her.  Then, the vet came in for the exam.  She remembers Misha very well.  She calls her the screamer.  We got through most of the exam with only a little growling and squirming.  I held her while the vet gave her the vaccinations (3 different shots).  She did beautifully.  Didn’t scream once.

She whisked her off to the back to draw blood for a panel, attempt to get a urine sample, and trim her nails.  She was done in less than 5 minutes.  She did attempt to bite them a couple of times, but they used a towel for protection.  The blood was drawn, her leg was bandaged, and her nails were newly trimmed.  The only thing they couldn’t do was get the urine, but that wasn’t because Misha fought them.  It was because she didn’t have any to give.

I’m calling this a huge success!  I think from now if at all possible I will request this veterinarian.  She seems to be bonding with Misha a little bit each time.  If Misha learns to trust her, even a smidgen, maybe these visits won’t be so scarring for us or the staff.

Way to go Misha!




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