Misha Should Not Be Up On Top Of The Couch!

Misha Should Not Be Up On Top Of The Couch!

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My dog has been driving us nuts!  She isn’t allowed on the couch except when accompanied by a human…and then, only on their lap.  She’s been good about the rules.  Until now.

She’s gotten insistent on climbing up on the back of one of the couches to the point of defiance.  It wouldn’t be a big deal except the glass dinner table is behind it.  I’m afraid she may jump off the couch not realizing the table is right there.

dog ignores owner
She tries ignoring me at first

At first, it seemed she was jumping up out of fear.  We were experiencing high winds for a couple of days.  When she is spooked, she tends to hide in plain sight.

But, last night I caught her!  I came to make dinner and she was up there sleeping, quite comfy if you ask me.

dog pretends she isn't breaking the rules
This is the “What?” look

And, I figured it out.  My mom got a back and neck heating pad for Christmas.  She’s been draping it over the back of the couch for the last two weeks.  Last night, Misha was sleeping on it.

No worries!  It wasn’t plugged in.

I guess she thinks it’s a toasty little blanket.

The heating pad has been moved.  We don’t need any accidents.


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