Misha Runs Into A Cat

Misha Runs Into A Cat

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Literally. My dog ran right into a cat.

Misha has a habit of not noticing creatures in our back yard. Especially, when she has to go.  She is oblivious to everything around her except her mission. And, this dog needed to do her business.

We don’t own a cat. They shouldn’t be in our yard. There was no reason for her to expect a cat to be in her poop spot.

I took this photo the day before the incident.  The cat is a dark black and brown and hides pretty good in the shade.

Cat in our yard
Cat in our yard

This is how it happened. We were in the backyard.  Misha was on leash. I always have her on leash first thing in the morning because critters like to leave presents in our yard at night.  Misha sometimes gets into them.

She rounded the corner into the shaded spot by the planter box. This is her spot.

Only this day a cat was in her poop spot. I heard a scream. That was Misha. I looked up to see Misha an inch from the cat as the cat lowered its paw after taking a swipe.

Misha screamed again and again. Like a human baby, I swear.

Misha ran to me.  She was shaking.  I checked her out.  She had a small scratch above her nose that was bleeding.

I saw the cat wander around and hop up on the fence.

Neighbor's cat leaving yard
Neighbor’s cat leaving yard

Misha healed fine. The scratch was small and thankfully landed just beyond the black part of her nose but away from her eye.

These photos were taken the day before through my bedroom window. You can see that her nemesis is formidable. If you squint you can pretend it is a small panther. You have to squint though.

I haven’t seen the cat since. I guess it decided that our yard is not cat friendly.


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