Misha is so nosy

Misha is so nosy

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I don’t think I have ever had a dog as nosy as Misha.  My Lab/Golden mix certainly could care less unless food was involved.

Misha is curious about everything.  If you bring a bag into the house, she wants to smell it and see what is inside.  Get the mail, she runs to the door, and then waits to look it over.  Walk down the hall with something in your hands and she is right there.  And, of course, if you grab anything in the kitchen that sounds like it could be food, she’s there before you get the container open.

The other day I caught Misha in nosy mode.  She was asleep in her dog bed when I went to check the mail.

First, the nose poked out…

misha blanket_20131016_1891DSCN2544

She decided it was worth sitting up for…

misha blanket_20131016_1890DSCN2543

And, finally, “Is there any mail for me?”

misha blanket crop

Is your dog as curious as Misha?  Maybe it is a Jack Russell thing.


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