Misha is ready for Christmas

Misha is ready for Christmas

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I have owned three dogs in my life.  I bought each a little something for Christmas, wrapped it, and put it under the tree.  Each showed varying degrees of interest.  Sierra didn’t care much, though she enjoyed tearing the paper off her package.

Misha is another story.  Misha is really into her presents.  When my Mom put a bag on the floor in the spare room that had Misha’s toy in it, we had to tie the ends of the bag because “somebody” kept sticking her head in it.  Finally, the bag went in the closet because she would not leave it alone.  She didn’t touch any of the other bags, only that one.

The presents have been wrapped.  Her two are under the tree together.  She knows it too.  Each day she goes over and visits her presents.  Sometimes she sits by them.  Sometimes I can hear the loud sniff as she is pressing her nose against the wrapping paper.  So far, she’s been very good and hasn’t actually tried to open them.  In fact, she’s being better than she would be on a normal day.  Drop a piece of paper on the ground and she’s all over it before you even know you’ve dropped it.

Here’s some photos from the first day…

Misha sniffs around and finds her present…
misha present_20131216_2753DSCN3416

She goes in for a closer look…
misha present_20131216_2756DSCN3419

She sits patiently waiting to open it (not today!) and I’m patient enough to get a shot of the head tilt…
misha present_20131216_2766DSCN3429

I believe she is saying “I want to open my present NOW!”
misha present_20131216_2767DSCN3430


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