Misha Has a Sick Day

Misha Has a Sick Day

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Normally, I chose something silly for the BlogPaws BlogHop, but today has not been a good day.  Misha wasn’t feeling well.  It’s no fun when your dog is sick!

Misha started out the day just fine.  Then, at 10:30 she threw up.  She seemed fine afterwards.   She was running around like normal.  No problem.

But, in the afternoon she got antsy.  She went to bed, she got up, she sat down, she got up again.  Eventually, she settled on this half way position.

dog half sitting
Misha isn’t feeling well

She laid down for awhile, but as you can see, she is just not herself.  You know Misha is sick when she doesn’t lay under her comfy blanket!

dog feeling ill
Misha rarely lays without her blanket

After a few visits to the backyard to do nothing, I brought her into my room.  We sat on the bed together for a couple of hours.  She clung to my side, but she rested.

She was up and about in the evening.  I gave her a little bit of food.  She seemed contented.  She’s in her tent sleeping.  Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

dog sleeps tent
My dog resting in her tent

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6 thoughts on “Misha Has a Sick Day

  1. Major bummer. We all have those days now and then, but sometimes they end up with us at the vet which is no fun either. Hope you are better today!

    1. Emma, I know what you mean. Sometimes these problems end in a vet visit and a whole lot of worry. Misha is much better today. I have no clue what might have affected her, but hopefully, it has passed.

    1. Cathy, I am the same way! They can’t tell us how they feel, so you fret over what they might have eaten or been exposed to.

    1. Jackie, Thanks for the kind words! Thankfully, it was just a one day thing. I do think she think she must make up for all the snacks she missed! She’s trying hard to con us.

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