Misha Gets Ready For Christmas

Misha Gets Ready For Christmas

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It’s almost Christmas.  Misha has alternated between the naughty and nice list all week.  Stealing that cookie off the table did not improve her standing with Santa Claus!  Let’s hope he is forgiving.

Time for a Bath

I like to get Misha all cleaned up before Christmas festivities kick in.  She wants to look good for the holiday festivities.  And, no one really wants to smell a stinky dog while opening presents.

After giving her a bath with Furminator, I washed all her blankets.  This means Misha gives me the “Where the heck are my blankets?” look until the load is done.

I threw her clean blankets on the coach and Ms. Curiosity couldn’t help herself.  Even though I had put her princess blanket on top of her bed, she had to inspect the rest of blankets.

dog sniffing clean blankets
Inspector Misha checks out the clean blankets

Why So Many Blankets for One Dog?

You might wonder why one dog needs so many blankets.  I ask myself the same question.

Misha is cold even when it’s warm outside, so she’s got these cozy hideaways all over the house.

One blanket is for the living room bed.  One goes over my quilt on top of my pillows.  She likes to sleep on the top part of the pillows. I don’t mind Misha sleeping up there.  But, since she can have urine leakage problems, I prefer she not do it on my pillow.

Two go in the bottom of the bed in her tent, then the heat reflecting blanket goes on top of that.  She loves to crawl in between that space and sleep.  I really don’t know how she breaths in all that mess.

Yes, My Dog is Spoiled

I think it goes without saying that Misha is one spoiled dog.

That would probably explain this photo.

little dog climbs into blankets
Misha is quite cozy on her perch

The looks says it all.  “What do you mean get off the couch?  These are my blankets!”

Naturally, I took several photos of this spontaneous cuteness muffling my laughter.  Then, I worked to get the dog off the couch.  My stern commands were no competition for warm blankets.

So, I took the blankets away one by one.  And, she stubbornly resisted.

Finally, we were down to one blanket.

dog sleeping on her heat reflecting blanket
Fake sleeping, that’s all it is

Best Dog Blanket in the Bunch

This is her heat reflecting blanket.  I bought it for Sierra when she turned 10 thinking that she might like a warm place to lay as she aged.  Instead, she preferred the sunspot.

Misha loves this blanket, though.  It keeps her toasty warm.  I paid $6 for it. It’s still holding up even with regular washing.  Best doggie investment ever!

Now we will see if Misha made it back to the Nice List before St. Nick arrives.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday season!


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