Midget Dog Does Not Like the Wind

Midget Dog Does Not Like the Wind

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Last night, the first of a series of strong storms came through.  The wind started howling around 9pm.

After Misha did her businesses and played her bedtime hide and seek game, she came up for a neck massage.  Then, she started acting weird.  This usually means she is afraid of something, like there is a fly in the house.  I don’t think there are many flies in late autumn around here.  So, it had to be the wind.

She went from room to room looking for a hiding place.  She was under the dresser, then the little stand.  Finally, she crawled under the bed.  She pressed herself against the wall and waited.

It took about 20 minutes before she felt okay.  Then, she came out and climbed under her blanket in the tent.  (Which, in my opinion, is a much better hiding place!)

Here she is in her hiding place…

dog hiding under bed



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