May I Present to You the Queen

May I Present to You the Queen


Life with Jack Russell is never dull.  These little court jesters often make you laugh when you least expect it.

There was a food wrapper being opened in the distance and my dog was on it!  Nobody opens food wrappers without Misha knowing about it.

dog running with blanket
There she is down the hall

She sprang from her, but forgot to leave her blanket behind.  I laughed as I watched her run across the living room and down the hall, flowing robe following her.

dog with blanket on back
I heard food, where is it?

Then, she sat indignant unwilling to remove the blanket because, well, that’s how she is.

dog with blanket on back
Who put this blanket on my back?

She is such a silly girl.  I sure do need this entertainment.



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