Matching Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Kids

Matching Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Kids

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Cute Costumes for Kids and Dogs

I’ve got a suggestion. Dogs are part of the family, aren’t they? So, why not include them in the Halloween festivities and dress them up for Halloween? Better yet, put your kid and dog in matching costumes!

I’ve listed a few costume pairs to get your creative juices flowing. Sure, it’s kind of a wacky idea to dress the family dog and kids up in theme costumes, but then, I’m a little bit wacky to begin with.

You Won’t Find Dorothy and Toto Here

I know someone has dressed up as Dorothy and had their dog play Toto. That’s too easy. My combinations you wouldn’t necessarily think of. How about Luke Skywalker and Yoda? Captain Jack Sparrow and Anne Bonney? Can you imagine a pirate dog?

Your family is sure to win originality awards with these costumes! Got more than one kid? How about Yoda, Luke, and Leia? The fun is endless! (Note: All costumes on this page available at Please see my affiliate disclosure statement at the beginning of this post.)

Halloween costumes are great fun for kids, but what about dogs? Source: Gracey at

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Team Up with These Star Wars Characters

Star Wars is one of my all time favorite movies. The characters from the movie make for great costume ideas for dogs and humans.

Who doesn’t love Yoda? This set has everything you need except the backwards grammar.  Not sure if they make a dictionary for Yoda speak.

A costume for the little hero in your life.  Luke Skywalker will win your heart and the light saber battle, too.  (This set comes with the outfit, belt, and boots, light saber is sold separately.)

This is much too easy, but you know you’re dying to turn your Yorkie into an Ewok. The costume is calling out to you. It would be funnier if a Doberman wore one of these.

If you have to be a princess, why not a princess who battles an evil empire?  Princess Leia could rule the universe, if you ask me.

You can pair these up with other characters, too. There’s Leia with Hans Solo. You can even throw in a Jar Jar Binks and Chewbacca.  A young Anakin and a doggie Darth Vader would make people think twice about not giving them the good candy.

Pirates, Arrrrgh Matey!

Since Pirates of the Caribbean came out, pirates have been popular.  There’s even a day to talk like a pirate!  It’s September 19th, in case you didn’t know.

Everyone wants to be a pirate–including the dog!

dog in cute pirate costume
Give me dog treats or walk the plank, arrrrf matey! Source: Doodymonster (Own work) CC BY 3.0 Doodymaster

Capt. Jack Sparrow wasn’t a real pirate, but he’s up there with the best of the movie pirates.  Maybe not as good as the old-time swashbucklers, but I doubt you’ll find their costumes in stores.

This costume turns your dog into the Disney movie classic.  Just don’t let the dog get it in their head that they’re in charge or they’ll have you swabbin’ the deck.

Girls can be pirates, too, you know!  Girls are ready to command a ship and for a little sword play.

Anne Bonney be the name yer lookin’ fer. Arrrgh! (Always add arrrgh for emphasis.) She was a famous Irish pirate who died around 1782.

How about Some Crime Fighters?

Throughout history there are great crime fighting duos…Sherlock Holmes and Watson, Batman and Robin, Shaggy and Scooby.  Let’s not leave out the females.

Batgirl wasn’t the most popular superhero.  She was one my favorites, though. She’s been fighting crime since 1961.

Wonder Woman rocked the theatres with her first movie blockbuster.  Lots of girls and women were inspired by her crime fighting prowess. I bet every female dog thinks of herself as Wonder Dog. Well, your dog is your superhero, right?

Dog Made Costumes?

Homemade costumes might be your thing.  With a little ingenuity and rummaging through the closet, you can come up with some great combinations.

Misha tried to create a traditional ghost costume.  She chewed all those holes herself.  Cute, huh?  I’m just afraid she’ll end up with a bag of rocks.

dog dress as charlie brown ghost
Misha made her own costume…all too reminiscent of Charlie Brown

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Better Yet, Bring in the Kids for Brainstorming Costume Ideas

Get your kids in on the act. I’m sure they have some ideas on cool costume combinations. Worse comes to worse, there’s always ghosts.  Easy to make, too.

Still need some Halloween costumes ideas for your menagerie?  Let’s see some more!

Animal Disguises

What better way to throw people off than to disguise you dog and kids as animals?  These skunk costumes are adorable. You might want to teach them to meow so they don’t have the same problem that Pepe LePew had.

Better to dress as a skunk than to get sprayed by one

Why not two skunks? I can’t resist this baby costume, can you?

That makes two little stinkers, especially if one has a messy diaper.

Oink! Oink! No one will ever guess your dog is disguised as a pig.  Well, maybe you can fool your neighbor whose always forgetting his glasses.

Find this dog a mud puddle and it’s all over.

A purrfectly funny idea is to dress your dog as a cat, but I’m not sure the dog will go for it. The family cat might get upset as well.

Now, that’s a pet combination. Dog dressed as cat and cat dressed as dog. Genius!  Now what do we do with the kids?

We’ll just go with this cute kid’s lion costume. “OH, I just can’t wait to be king!”

More Ideas to Haunt Your Halloween!

There are so many different costume combinations that you can choose from. All are sure to bring smiles and giggles to everyone you meet!

If food is your thing, your child can go as a hamburger and your dog as a hot dog. Someone else will have to be the french fries.


dog wearing a hot dog costume
Hotdog seeks hamburger of fries. Source: istolethetv from Hong Kong, China (catsup Uploaded by Fæ) CC-BY-2.0

How about cartoon characters? This is cheating but Granny and Precious from the Hanna Barbera cartoons is a great combination. Better yet! Snoopy and Woodstock.  Not too much work turning a dog into a dog unless it’s a different breed of dog.

Dinosaurs are always a big hit with kids. They are several costumes available for dogs and children. A Chihuahua T-Rex would definitely make me laugh!

How about a nature theme? Flowers go great with bees and butterflies.

One more combination. You know how dogs hate delivery people? Well, why not dress them up as one. This is a cute combination.

Maybe your dog will be kinder to the UPS driver when he wears the uniform.

Who could resist this cute little mail carrier? Special delivery! More candy please!

Trick Or Treat…Smell My Feet

Although I would not recommend taking your dog trick or treating because of the danger of your dog being upset by excited children (and vice versa), this is a really cute video.  This little dog gets into the trick or treating tradition and ends up with some pretty tasty treats! I wonder if anyone in my neighborhood will be handing out doggie treats?

Happy Halloween!!!

That video should make you smile.  Halloween is suppose to be fun after all.

Thanks for stopping by! Say hello and let us know if your dog will be wearing a costume this year. What costumes will everyone be wearing this Halloween?




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