Little Dogs Need Walks, Too!

Little Dogs Need Walks, Too!

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My dog’s favorite time of day besides all those that involve food is taking her walk. I’m happy to say she has recovered from whatever was bugging her earlier this week.  Today, Misha was jumping up and down at the door in that way that only Jack Russell’s can do.  I knew she was ready to get back to our routine.

It’s just as important for little dogs to get exercise.  A daily walk not only burns off energy and it fends off boredom, too!

We saw some things on our walk that I wanted to share with our readers.

Misha will be your guide today.  She inspects everything. And, I mean everything! Nothing escapes this inspector’s nose!

Did someone pee here?  Oh, look!  A rock!  Is that a snail?  If it’s at ground level, Misha is on it!

Unless a squirrel or cat runs by, that is.  Then,  she is completely oblivious.

dog sniffing cement walk
Whose dog was here first?

Drought Resistant Garden Transformations

This is our neighbor’s new drought resistant landscaping.  Even though we had a healthy rainy season, we are prone to periods of drought.  We’ve been seeing more and more drought resistant plants and rock gardens popping up around the neighborhood this last year.

It’s smart.  Not only are they saving money, after the landscaper’s bill is paid, but their saving water, too.  If you live in a place where a half an inch of rain is a noteworthy storm, then you want to save as much water as you can.

I have no clue what these plants are, but I really like that light purple flower.

drought resistant plants
Our neighbor’s drought resistant garden

My dog had her head in the all the plants just to make sure they were safe.  She approves of the environmentally friendly garden.

dog sniffs bush
Let me just stick my head in this bush

Strange Little Plant, Isn’t it?

I pass by this one house almost every day.  Misha likes to sniff here because the owner has a variety of different plants where the local dogs leave the news.

This thing appeared last week and I don’t know what the heck this is!  It looks like a clump of tiny cherry tomatoes.

A friend said it grows wild in the South but they didn’t know what it’s called.  I’ve never seen anything like it here in California.

Apparently, it’s a guest that comes for a visit, but never wants to leave.  Once it grows, you can’t get rid of it. They are kind of cool looking, but I’m glad they aren’t in my yard!  We’ve got enough weeds and fungi, thank you very much!

If anyone knows what these red berry tomato looking things are, let me know in the comments.

red berry flower plant
Unusual plant growing wild

Appreciating California’s State Flower

I would be remiss if I didn’t include a photo of my favorite flower, the California Poppy.  It’s California’s official state flower.

They are the perfect drought resistant plant, suited perfectly to California feast or famine rainy seasons.  Let them bloom, mow over them, and they’re back later in the season.

I’m not always sure if people have planted them intentionally.  They tend to spring up wherever they want around here.

Aren’t they beautiful?

california poppies
Beautiful California Poppies grow everywhere in my neighborhood

Little Dogs Need Walks, Too!

Remember that little dogs need exercise and stimulation.  A daily walk provides it.  Just look at all the neat things Misha got to see and smell today!

My dog is satisfied.  Now it’s time to go home!

dog taking a walk
My dog loves her daily walk

Does your dog look forward to their daily walk? Do they get excited at the sight of the leash like Misha? Tell us what you and your dog do for exercise in the comments.



2 thoughts on “Little Dogs Need Walks, Too!

  1. Certainly little dogs need walks too, all dogs do! Misha walks with her nose to the ground just like my Valentino does. And yes, a cat crossing his scent path makes him oblivious to all else, not so much the squirrels, thankfully. Valentino and I walk several times a day and night as well as going to the dog park to run free as often as possible.

    1. Ruth, As you know exercise is so important! It’s good for their health, but also their state of mind. They are contented when they get out and read the news.

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