It’s National Vet Tech Week

It’s National Vet Tech Week

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Did you know that the third week in October is National Vet Tech Week?  I can’t give enough praise for the veterinary techs at our veterinarian office.  They go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to dealing with my dog.

Misha’s No Good, Very Bad Emergency Veterinary Hospital Visit

dog swollen from spider bite
Poor Misha was bitten by a spider

Although I did everything right with Misha during her first year as far as veterinarian visits are concerned, things went bad one very long night.

My dad went in for emergency surgery in the morning.  That day Misha slowly swelled up until she was swollen from head to tail. We rushed her to the emergency veterinary hospital at 10pm with what turned out to be a spider bite reaction.

We were stressed and exhausted. The emergency hospital was busy.  There were dogs barking and howling in the back.  The people at the emergency vets were great, but they were rushed.  Between the sounds and the poking and prodding Misha was terrified.

From then on, veterinary visits have been anxious, stressful events for everyone.

This is How I Get Her to the Vets

Misha can be 8 pounds of canine fury when afraid.  She needs to be sedated to go to the vets.  I give her a dose of acepromazine.  Then, when she’s mellow, I slip on the hood of shame.  We haven’t been able to get a muzzle on her, so that’s our protection.

Sedated dog ready for the vets
My fearful dog needs a sedative before her vet visits

At the clinic, I hand Misha over to the vet tech.  Misha’s file is filled with notes on how to handle her.

They must work carefully so as not to knock the hood off.  Once it’s off, it’s best they give me the leash and we call it a day.  That way no one gets hurt.

In addition to the hood, they use a towel for protection.

The Vet Techs Get the Job Done!

They draw blood, give shots, and clip her nails (something I wouldn’t even try!)  She still has a little fight in her even with the sedative.  Also, she cries…like a human baby!  You can hear it all the way out in the lobby.

Despite all the histrionics–by Misha, not me–we somehow survive our visits.

If they follow the game plan, I come home with a dog who has been treated–and they go home with all their fingers.

dog bandages after shots
Vet Techs who can get bandages on this dog are awesome!

With all that…the fighting…the crying…they get the job done.

Thank You Vet Techs!

I’m so appreciative of the vet techs (and veterinarians) at our clinic who are willing to work with Misha.  They’ve see her at her worst and they let her come back.

For that I say, Thank You!


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