It’s all in the ears

It’s all in the ears

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I’ve been told that Misha is not your typical Jack Russell Terrier.  She isn’t supposed to have “those kind” of ears–or, so they say.  Instead of having the tipped ears like other Jack Russell’s, Misha’s point straight up.  They are huge. She’s the Rudolph of Jack Russell Terriers.

It was funny to watch the progression of her ears as they tried out different positions.  When I first got her, they were flat to her head.  Around 4 months, one ear move around multiple times a day.  She would be left with one ear straight up and one straight down.  It wasn’t until about 6 months that her second ear got in on the action.

By the time she was a year old they had made up their mind and settled on the straight up position. This is how she looks now…




One thought on “It’s all in the ears

  1. Ahhh – she is so cute – and I love your new blog for her. Sure am glad her ears finally decided what to do and I DO remember that period when she went through it well! 🙂

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