Is the coast clear?

Is the coast clear?


Misha tried to be brave today but she couldn’t do it.  At least not all day!

My brother came over to prepare the house for painting.  He was the first one to arrive.  Luckily, Misha already had her breakfast or she may not have eaten all day.  Later, my sister-in-law, niece, and her fiance came to help.  Misha loves them all (not my brother), so she came out to see them.

She got scared a couple of times when my brother came in to use the bathroom.  Then, she got scared when my sister-in-law came in because she thought it was my brother.

After everyone left, she stayed under the bed for awhile.  Then, slowly she crept around the door jamb to make sure the coast was clear.  You just can’t be too sure about these things.

misha clear_20130913_1509DSCN2156

I don’t know why she is so afraid of my brother.  He’s never done anything to her.  She’s more afraid of him than the vets.


2 thoughts on “Is the coast clear?

    1. Charlie, if that happened, I’d have to break out the sedatives. I don’t think she could handle my brother AND the flyswatter at the same time! LOL

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