Introducing Misha

Introducing Misha

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Misha was not planned. Oh, her Dog Mom probably expected her, but I certainly wasn’t. A week after my Lab, Sierra, died, Misha ended up on my doorstep by way of my nieces. I remember that day clearly. I was in the bathroom when I heard voices. I thought they sounded like my nieces, but that was impossible because it was the middle of the day, and their parents were working.

As I walked down the hallway, my niece walked towards me. In her jacket was squirming rodent sized puppy. They’d bought her for me!

Misha, seen in this photo on her first day at my house, was barely two pounds. You could hold her in one hand with room to spare. Her collar was tightened all the way and it still hung down. She was 8 weeks old and getting her first experience outside her kennel.



Getting a puppy right after my elderly dog passed away wasn’t easy.  I was tired…dog tired.  Sierra needed quite a bit of care the last few weeks and was up and down during the night.  Sleep was a foreign concept to me.  But, I had this puppy and how can you resist that cute face?

It’s been 4 years since Misha joined our family.  I can’t say it’s been easy.  We went through some rocky times the first couple of years.  (I’ll get into that later).  But, the last year she has matured quite a lot.  She’s calmed down quite a bit and we’ve figured each other out.

I wouldn’t trade her for anything.  She is way too entertaining!




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