I’ll Just Move This Pillow

I’ll Just Move This Pillow


Misha has figured out that there’s a new pillow on the bed and that she can push it around. I came in last night to find my dog laying to the side of my pillow, somewhere she has never been before (at least, that I know about).

Antennae ears…she realizes I have spotted her.

dog on bed

She is pleading with me…Let me stay!  Let me stay!

dog by pillow

This stare is a dare.  She’s telling me to make her move, which I did.

dog sleeping on pillow

It’s never a dull moment with a Jack Russell Terrier. One of these days I’m going to find her up on the headboard.

Is your pet a pillow hog?  What odd places does he or she like to sleep?

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4 thoughts on “I’ll Just Move This Pillow

    1. Elaine, Oh, I’ve noticed that. You’d be surprised how heavy an 8 lb. dog can make be. She is also incredibly strong on leash. If she doesn’t want to go, she is suddenly a Rottweiler.

    1. LOL! It is difficult. But, I’ve seen that look before. If I gave into it all the time, I’d be sleeping on the couch.

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