I Lost My Dog in the Laundry

I Lost My Dog in the Laundry

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I always wash my dog’s blankets when I give her a bath.  Clean dog, clean bedding.

I pulled Misha’s blankets from the dryer and threw them on the couch.  I went to throw away a string.  When I came back about 15 seconds later…no Misha!

dog hiding in laundry
Where’s Misha?

She ignored my pleas to get out.  Even as I started to remove blankets she pretended not to hear.

dog under a ton of blankets
There’s the dog!

Try as she may, she couldn’t resist the sounds of the mail carrier on our porch.  She still wasn’t sure if she wanted to leave her cozy spot though

dog pops up from blankets
Misha can’t resist barking at the mail carrier

Warm blankets are too good to resist.  Don’t you agree?
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