How a Dog’s Physical Appearance Changes Over the Years

How a Dog’s Physical Appearance Changes Over the Years

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The other day, a friend showed me a photo of a dog because the ears reminded her of Misha.  The photo reminded me of one I had taken of Misha when she was 6 months old. I went back through my folders to find it and I was surprised to see how much my dog’s physical appearance had changed in 8 years.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

My Dog at 8 Weeks Old

This was the day Misha joined our family.  You may know she was a gift from my two youngest nieces.  She was 8 weeks old and just under 2 lbs.  Notice her ears were properly bent upon arrival.

8 week old jack russell puppy
Hey! I’m a young pup!

My Dog at 3 Months

Misha changed a lot at this stage.  I think she was all of 4 lbs. You can see her rubber ducky spot on her side.

Just look at those ears! I remember reading that Jack Russell Terrier’s ears start to move around at 3 months and don’t settle down until a couple of months later.

Some days they’d be up, some days bent.  They weren’t always synchronized which gave her silly, lopsided appearance.

She looks a little wild here, don’t you think?

3 month old Jack Russell puppy
Misha at 3 months loved her mini tennis balls

My Dog at 6 Months

She’s so beautiful here.  She still has her soft, beautiful puppy eyes and spots all around her nose.

By 6 months, her ears decided to stay in the upright position permanently.  They are her most prominent feature.

Her nails are changing from white to black.  She still has a couple of white ones today.

jack russell puppy 6 months old
Misha 6 months old

My Dog at 1 Year Old

I call this the awkward teen photo.  Her head seems in between sizes.  Her ears are ready to take over at a moment’s notice. I’ve yet to meet a Jack Russell owner whose dog’s ears points so high. I love those ears!

In her first year, she went from barely 2 lbs. to 8 lbs.

She was incredibly strong at this stage. She used to lift that bed over her head and play underneath.  That was my Lab’s bed and sometimes I had trouble moving it!

jack russell puppy one year old
My dog at 1 year

My Dog at 5 Years Old

The biggest change that I see is the maturity of her features. Her eyes are no longer have the Bambi quality.  She’s so serious looking.  She loves the heater.

Her coloring changed quite a bit by the time she turned 5.   The black spots had turned brown.

Also, check out the “freckles” on her back.  I call them her Dalmatian spots.

My Dog at 8 Years Old

This is Misha today.  She’s showing some signs of aging.  There’s grey in her muzzle and eyes.  The white line across her face only appears between her eyes.  Most of her freckly spots have faded.

You can see that she still has the rubber ducky shape on her back and though you can’t see it she still has the elephant butt spot, too.

She’s still 8 lbs. so I guess I’m doing something right.

jack russell dog 8 years old
My dog at 8 years old

She’s a “mature” dog now…or so they say.  She has grown a lot in these 8 years, but there’s still quite a bit of pup in this Jack Russell Terrier.

This is probably the most photos you’ve ever seen of Misha outside her blanket!

We don’t always notice that our pets are aging.  Then one day, they are 8 years old.

Have you looked through your pets photos and seen the changes?

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14 thoughts on “How a Dog’s Physical Appearance Changes Over the Years

  1. We notice how we all change, especially our furs have all changed color since we were little! We also lose some of that puppy face with time, but Mom says we all look good at every age!

  2. That was fun to see your Misha from her pup years up to now! Thanks fur sharing! My doggie minion, Bessie, is getting to be an ‘ole lady. She has gray hairs on her “muzzle,” below her eyes, & on her eyebrows now. I myself, haven’t aged a bit, I don’t think! Mew Mew!

  3. I never thought about it with my dogs, but looking through your story, I realize that it’s completely true. They DO change a lot during their life, and why wouldn’t they? WE do. 😀 Great story, I love Misha as you know!

    1. Nancy, It is one of those things we just don’t pay attention to until they become a senior dog. Then, one day we notice the grey on their face.

  4. What a fun post, Misha. We got to watch you grow up right in front of our eyes. 😉 I think you’re looking fabulous at eight. I’m also eight years old. My face started getting gray a couple of years ago. It makes Mommy a little sad that the years pass so quickly. That’s why we try to make every day count. Happy Wordless Wednesday to you and your mom!

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